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Environmental conservation, the recycling of raw materials from wastes, and the use of regenerative energies are ambitious goals. Linel's Plant Construction Division provides the necessary infrastructure for wastewater treatment plants, hydroelectric stations, photovoltaic installations, etc. We offer our customers extensive experience in finding solutions at the juncture of related engineering disciplines. That's because technical know-how is indispensable to plant construction.

In order to achieve the highest possible level of energy efficiency and the optimal utilization of resources in existent installations and power plants, too, we strive to maintain a close, co-operative relationship with operators beyond the completion of construction.


  • Medium and low-voltage power supply for power plants
  • Automation and measurement/control technology
  • Visualization
  • Installation of cables and lines
  • Grounding and lightning protection installations
  • Power plants
  • Service and modernization of power plants and their auxiliary plants
  • Emergency power supply / uninterruptible power supply plants
  • Industrial lighting, tunnel lighting, and outdoor lighting
  • Communication installations
  • Photovoltaic installations

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